Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Couple Cards From The Antique Store

I ventured out with the fam today. We stopped by the Antique & Toy Mall and I decided to check out some cards that have been there for months, maybe years. There were between 8-10 rows of cards, containing various sports and years. They were priced $1.00 a piece, 7 for $5.00, and so on. I was only able to get through one row and a couple stacks, but I pulled a couple keepers. Well, one keeper. I will try to make it through the entire collection, next time.

The first card is a 2010 Bowman Chrome Draft Blue Refractor Neil Walker RC #ed/199. I got this for tradebait, but it is also my favorite type of refractor. Blue. He has put together a solid season and the Pirates will only continue to get better. I semi-pull for the Reds, but I would like to see the Pirates do some damage in the postseason.

It was also hilarious to watch them get to Johnny Cueto, last year. Here's the link.

I don't always collect football cards, but when I do, I prefer University of Kentucky Alumni. I picked up this uncirculated 2008 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor Andre Woodson RC #ed/199. My fondest memories of Kentucky football, involve Andre Woodson. I like the way the team looks, this year. I can sense some SEC wins. We might make it out of the Toilet Bowl and into the Cereal Bowl.

Have a good Tuesday, and Go Yankees!!!!

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  1. That is a nice Neil Walker.....maybe we can trade at some point!