Friday, June 13, 2014

Intro To Blogging

Hello everyone!!!! Welcome to my blog. The Parade Of Chromes is just that, a parade of chrome cards. That is what my collection is based around, but not all it is based around. I can be pretty random, sometimes.

I will cover a host of topics, including sports cards, sports, toys, etc. I will also perform live text breaks of sports cards.

My inspiration to join the sports card blogging community came from Fuji, over at The Chronicles of Fuji. His blog is very informative and entertaining, a must read.

I hope to add cards to my blank trade pages ASAP, so I can start making blog trades. I am no stranger to online sports card trading. I am on more forums than I can even remember. You can find my collecting interests in the My Collections box, on the left side of my blog.

I hope you enjoy reading The Parade Of Chromes blog, as much as I enjoy typing it.

Thank you for your visit.